To save his twin 18-month-old children, a Michigan man dashed into a burning house

Ray Lucas and his girlfriend Shi’Ann Brown returned home to find their Michigan home engulfed in flames, with their twin daughters trapped inside.

His mother, who had been watching the 18-month-old girls, was panicking in the front yard of their home in Eastpointe, Michigan, and desperately seeking assistance.

“I couldn’t say anything. My mind was taken over by action. I dashed into the house to retrieve my children “Lucas, a 23-year-old, told CNN. “As a father, I’m thinking about it. I did everything a normal father would or should do “he stated
According to Lucas, the fire on July 17 spread through three floors inside, including the basement where Malaysia and Milan were sleeping in their crib. He was unsure when the fire department would arrive.

He dove into the burning building, quickly realising that the flames had obliterated his vision. However, he was well-versed in the area and proceeded to the basement. “I was so happy they were responsive,” he said as he approached the crib and made physical contact with his daughters.

Original News: CNN

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