Three healthy foods help you control weight, support immunity, and maintain a healthy digestive.

Avocado: With regard to the issue of maintaining a suitable weight, avocado is a wonderful fruit that can help you with this, as it can help you lose weight and gain it as well. Avocados can help people who are thin and want to gain weight, because avocados are rich in healthy fats and calories. Therefore, including avocado in a high-calorie diet as a healthy option from fat rations is effective in gaining weight, so it is popular in vegetarian cooking because it provides the body with the necessary elements that it needs.

Avocado is a complete food, as it is not only rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but also helps to better absorb the vitamins and nutrients you get from other foods. We single out the best elements that avocado helps absorb, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, and vitamin D. These factors are available in avocado with its nutrients that make it very suitable for weight gain. For this reason, it is always recommended to add avocados to salads and food recipes to take advantage of the full nutrients of the food.

Black pepper: The immune system has a primary role in protecting the body from diseases, and fighting any viruses, bacteria or germs that attack the body, so it is important to eat healthy foods that help strengthen immunity, and black pepper is one of these foods. Therefore, you find a lot of traditional medicine recipes for colds and viral infections based on the presence of anti-bacterial and immune-stimulating properties. In this regard, black and red pepper are among the foods that contain the largest number of active ingredients with similar properties.

Spices in general have the ability to stimulate the immune system, fight inflammation, and aid in the absorption of nutrients from vitamins and minerals, allowing the body to provide the elements it needs to support immunity. Therefore, a study conducted by researchers from Harvard University showed that black pepper has anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to antioxidants and antibacterials that enhance the immune system in the body.

Tea: It is famous among people in many countries to drink tea immediately after eating, because of the nutrients that tea provides, which play a major role in facilitating the work of the digestive system. So if you suffer from an upset stomach and diarrhea, one cup of black or green tea may have a significant impact on treating this health problem. This is because the tea contains tannin, which has an astringent effect on the lining of the intestine, helping to calm inflammation, but if you are dehydrated, you can opt for decaffeinated black tea.

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