Tesla’s autopilot prevents drunk driver from making a fatal mistake

A recent incident occurred in Norway. A 24-year-old Tesla owner passed out while driving his Model S, according to the Eastern Police District’s official Twitter account. Fortunately for the driver, the Model S’s Autopilot system was turned on, allowing the vehicle to stay in its lane without causing any traffic congestion.

The vehicle eventually came to a stop and engaged its hazards after detecting that its driver was unresponsive. Emergency services were called to help the man. There were no injuries as a result of the incident.

The police pointed out that the Tesla driver who was found unconscious in Model S was obviously drunk, but he denied that he was driving. However, video evidence showing the Tesla owner fainted in the driver’s seat has been shared online. The police stated that the necessary tests have been carried out and the driver’s license of the Tesla owner has been temporarily suspended. The driver was also sued.

Original News: TESLARATI

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