Teen Has Performed a Random Act of Kindness Every Day Since the Start of the Pandemic

Meet the teen who has carried out a random act of kindness EVERY day since the start of the pandemic—helping more than 2,000 people and raising over $53,000.

18-year-old Sebbie Hall started his giving mission when he realized some people lacked the technology to contact friends during the first pandemic lockdown.

The selfless teen wanted to donate his iPad to a friend, but his mom Ashley Hall suggested he should help others to buy what they need instead.

It was then that Sebbie, who has physical and learning difficulties, decided to raise money to prevent disabled or vulnerable children from feeling lonely.

He has since raised tens of thousands—and counting—by carrying out over 2,000 acts of kindness towards random strangers.

His generosity, which has been hailed by the British Prime Minister, includes handing out flowers, teddies, and even lotto tickets in the street.

Sebbie has also set up an arts hub and a foundation to support disabled or vulnerable children.

The constant giver has won numerous awards for his initiative and attended a royal carol service at Westminster Abbey in London earlier this month—after an invitation from the Duchess of Cambridge.

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