Good News About Back Pain: It’s Often Temporary

At some point in life, almost everyone will experience some degree of back pain. In fact, it’s one of the top reasons for hospitalization and the second leading cause of missed work.

Back pain can have many causes, including:

  • Structural abnormalities such as disc degeneration or spinal stenosis
  • Muscle or ligament strain after lifting or moving something heavy
  • Simple wear and tear after a lifetime of bending, twisting and lifting
  • In rare cases, tumors, infection, autoimmune disease or fractures

The good news is most back pain is temporary and improves with rest, over-the-counter pain medications and gentle stretches. However, there are certain time when you should seek out medical help.

When To Call The Doctor About Back Pain

Call your doctor to make an appointment if:

  • Your pain is so severe you can’t perform simple tasks
  • Your pain doesn’t improve after four weeks
  • You suffered a recent fall or injury to your back
  • You are experiencing unexplained weight loss or fever, or you a have history of cancer or osteoporosis

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