Ex-Navy man starts a Turmeric Revolution in Grow Bags with Hydroponics, resulting in an 8-fold increase in yield

With his Mission Turmeric 2021, CV Prakash, an Indian pioneer of hydroponic farming who has educated over 12,000 growers, has discovered a technique to assist Indian farmers in growing world-class turmeric and making an impact in the international market.

Prakash discovered that his specialised and unique hydroponic farming methods were producing remarkable results during his research into growing the Salem type of turmeric at his CV Hydro training centre in Chikkasandra, Bengaluru, from May 2020 to January 2021.

His crops produced curcumin content of 5.91 percent at the CV Hydro training centre under Prakash’s premier horticulture upskilling institution Aggragannya Skills, nearly double the standard 3 percent found in the Salem variety, and the highest yield was an astounding up to 8.17 kg from a single growbag.

Original Story: The Better India

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