An animal lover, Rajani Shetty, descends down a well to save a kitten

A kitten had fallen into a well near Cascia High School on Sunday, August 8. Locals Atul and Sandeep heard the kitten crying for help from inside the well and contacted Rajani Shetty, knowing she rescues and cares for many street dogs and will go to any length to save the lives of dying animals.

Rajani and her husband, Damodar Shetty, arrived at the location. By holding the rope, she was able to descend to the bottom of the well and rescue the kitten. Rajani may have saved the life of a dog that had fallen into a deep well during the previous lockdown.

For the past several years, Rajani and her family have been feeding hundreds of dogs every day. They feed the dogs more than 50 kg of rice. They also provide care for animals such as dogs, cats, and birds who are injured as a result of collisions with vehicles or other causes, despite a lack of space.

Rajani’s compassion for animals has helped her gain popularity. She goes to extreme lengths to save the lives of animals.

Original Story: Daijiworld247

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