3 Self-Care Trends That Are Changing How People Look After Their Health

Self-care—that is, looking after your health and wellness in a holistic and preventive way—is more than a passing trend. It’s a lifestyle shift that’s here to stay, one that has only been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, in a time of uncertainty, consumers are responding by taking charge of their own health. According to one recent national survey, 80% of adults said they intend to be more mindful about practicing self-care regularly after the pandemic. And global research conducted this year found that consumers’ prioritization of wellness has jumped as much as 65% in the past two to three years.

It’s an area where Johnson & Johnson has been ahead of the curve. In 2019, to help consumers make the most of their self-care routines and habits, the company created an entire team dedicated to understanding and predicting what’s next in wellness: the Future of Self Care team.

“The way consumers think about managing health and wellness is shifting,” says Marguerite Longo, Senior Director, Future of Self Care, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health. “People are no longer just taking pills to treat health problems. They’re taking much more proactive, preventive measures. The goal of the Future of Self Care team is to help consumers best manage their healthcare in the most comprehensive way.”

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